My Honorary Degree

My Honorary Degree

April 23, 2018 0 By Alex Arnz

There are two little facts, I am very proud of. Many people will probably find them somewhat stupid, but to me they are almost like two diplomas to hang on the wall with all the others.

First. Some days ago, in a long discussion and exchange of view on organized crime, Federica Angeli, the famous italian journalist, said that she liked one of my ideas.

Second, happened two or three years ago, in another discussion and an exchange of ideas on the correct translation of some scientific terms (applied physics, in particular) which in Italian are translated in a way that very easily leads to evaluation errors, she simply replied with a “you’re right”. Knowing the character of the Italian astronaut very well, this is worth more than an academic kiss on an honors degree.

My next goal? Hearing Lionel Messi asking me to teach him how to score free-kicks.